Hyperion Range

The Hyperion range of ionising bars and power supplies are the latest, revolutionary, industrial static control products offered by Meech. Developed by Meech’s engineers in conjunction with distributors and end users, the Hyperion range offers new levels of technical superiority for industrial static control.
The range has been engineered to include a number of key characteristics such as Ion Current Monitoring (ICM) technology, clean pin alert, adjustable output voltage, frequency and balance.
Short range bars such as 924IPS. Mid range bars such as 929IPS. Long range bars such as 960IPS and 971IPS. The 959IPS Ionising Air Curtain. AC power units like 906 and 907. The Hyperion 233v4 Pulsed DC Controller. Feedback and distance sensors. The Hyperion BarMaster is a remote programmer. The SmartControl allows the user to remotely monitor and adjust the performance of connected Hyperion equipment.

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